Life update


Here’s my first life update, a ton of things happened this past week. I’ve been working hard on my last school exam so my stress levels has been very high and stress is not good for me. Tomorrow I have an oral exam in front of a jury for my final project and I’m kinda shitting myself tbh. And with that mentality I’ve been admitted to the emergency room yesterday. I had pain all over my body when I was about to go to sleep and I couldn’t take it anymore, I had to ask my father to bring me to the hospital, due to the covid-19, I had to go through this alone. Now I may be 21 year old, but I’ve never had to go to the emergency room alone and I was so scared, I knew what they were going to do to me but that was how I was feeling. Anyways got into the hospital and stayed there for the night, as my pain was so bad, they immediately gave me morphine (though I hate it so much) and my pain went away immediately. To be honest I wanted to leave at that instant, I hate being in hospitals and I just wanted to escape. But the doctors said no and I had to wait the next day, which was a good call because I was honestly feeling woozy and my head was spinning.

The next day, they stopped pumping me morphine because my pain was going away but I still had the effects of the morphine. I was feeling dizzy and so tired. They let me out but I had a condition. I couldn’t go back to school for my jury presentation, I understood where they were coming from but I was scared I was going to fail my school year, this disease isn’t known worldwide and sometimes teachers think I’m making excuses when I’m literally just a sick person.

My presentation is today, I’m going to try to negotiate with my school to see if I can present it by videoconference or if there’s no hope.

I’ll update you guys!